Integrated Planning

Integrated planning requires the ability to conceptualize at multiple scales – region, watershed, subwatershed – and to synthesize information and goals from multiple jurisdictions with sometimes conflicting interests. Since 2006, Reza Environmental has contributed significant research and technical writing services to the North Coast Integrated Regional Management (IRWM) planning process.

We provide a wide array of services to the North Coast Resource Partnership (the North Coast IRWM group), including:

  • developing a logical outline and much of the text for the IRWM Plan and subsequent updates

  • developing and maintaining relevant databases - planning documents, research, regulatory information, forest health and fire prevention plans, research and resources

  • research and development of text covering diverse subjects

  • socioeconomic survey administration and response analyses

  • accurate, comprehensive, and readily understandable technical information for a variety of formats and uses (e.g., website, plan, brochure, talking points)

Our contributions help protect California's agricultural heritage while simultaneously improving wildlife habitat and ensuring drinking water supply reliability.