Reza Environmental was founded with a commitment to thorough research, comprehensive analysis, and timely product delivery.

From coast to interior mountain ranges, Reza Environmental has participated in planning, outreach, funding, and adaptation efforts that have improved quality of life, economies, and natural resources for Californians.

We have assisted clients with a wide variety of natural resources projects including:

  • water supply reliability assessment

  • land acquisition and management

  • water quality

  • salmonid recovery planning

  • recreational opportunities and constraints

  • land use impacts and best management practices

  • adaptation to and amelioration of climate change impacts

  • flood management

  • samples available on request

Our ability to focus on details while maintaining cohesion with strategy-level objectives has contributed to our high success rate with grant applications. READ MORE

Integrated planning requires the ability to conceptualize at multiple scales – region, watershed, subwatershed – and to synthesize information and goals from multiple jurisdictions with sometimes conflicting interests. READ MORE

In all of our work, RE strives to incorporate relevant state agency priorities and regional / local plan recommendations. READ MORE

Reza Environmental has provided watershed and natural resources planning services for a variety of planning efforts. READ MORE