Reza Environmental provides technical services to projects ranging in size from regional efforts to sub watershed planning.

Our work has supported planning and implementation projects that protect habitat for native wildlife, contribute towards agricultural sustainability, promote intra-regional cooperation, and ensure the Human Right to Water.

We have contributed to various technical reports, planning documents, and websites. Our experience is varied and extensive and includes:

  • Providing research, writing, and editing for over 30 watershed, habitat management/ conservation, strategic, and integrated water management planning projects. Project deliverables include:

    • final reports

    • project benefits analyses

    • climate adaptation strategies, and

    • socioeconomic impact reports.

  • Editor responsible for developing and maintaining a consistent and objective tone throughout planning documents assembled from multiple contributors.

  • Participated in the development of over 25 federal, state and foundation grant applications, frequently as project lead, soliciting and synthesizing contributions from multiple sources.

    • These applications have a success rate of over 90%, resulting in over $110,000,000 of funding awarded for planning and on‐the‐ground projects benefiting ecosystems and human communities.

  • Extensive research, analysis, and report writing experience collaborating with multiple stakeholders including water and wastewater service providers, nonprofit agencies, and government staff/consultants. Experienced in social science research methods for interviews and surveys, and quantitative analyses of data collected.

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