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Reza Environmental has participated in water and natural resources planning in Northern California since 2006. We have been on the forefront of locally-based solutions to California's water and climate issues, helping to bring over $100,000,000 in grant funding for planning and implementation projects that provide drinking water supply reliability and protect our natural lands and agricultural heritage.

In an increasingly challenging time for water resources, local autonomy and economic health, and environmental change, Reza Environmental is a trusted and valued partner for many clients, from small NGOs to local agencies to regional collaborations.

Here's what clients say:

From developing watershed plan outlines and producing most of the text to simply crafting text for a subsection of a grant, we provide customized research and technical writing services to local and state government agencies, nonprofit organizations and consulting firms.  

Services include: research, technical writing, data analysis, and other services related to water and watershed planning and management and the ecology of California's diverse bioregions.


At Reza Environmental, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and all efforts to create a just, equitable society: locally, in California, nationally, and worldwide. We denounce all racism and intolerance and celebrate the entire diversity of the human experience. LBGTQIA, people of color, women, people with disabilities, and neuro-atypical people add to the rich tapestry of humanity and we pledge to strive for acceptance, equity, and justice for all.